Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Clean living starts at home

When we think of clean living what's the first thing that comes to mind?  What we eat, right? That's a very important step and need to keep healthy. But there are things at home that we can do to make for a cleaner living. Have you you ever thought of the clean living that happens outside the body? All the chemicals and toxins we are surrounded by on a daily basis. Dangerous fumes and chemicals we bring into our homes everyday. Products that we never think of, and the dangers that lye beneath them. The kind of product we clean our homes with. If you have a minute, go to your cabinet and pull out one of your products you clean your counters with. How many words in the ingredients can you pronounce? These are chemicals that we use to clean our counters and floors. Floors and counters are children play on, and let's face it sometimes eat off of. Why not bring clean living into your homes as well as your bodies? Simple steps like creating your own cleaning products. It's amazing how simple clean living is just by reusing the whole foods we have in our homes now. Probably food we eat everyday. With three simple ingredients you're able to make a cleaner for your counters, floor and have your home smelling fresh. All with the stress-free comfort of knowing that your home is safe for your little ones.

Next time you peel an orange, or slice a lemon, think about recycling and reusing those peels. There are so many uses for them, used that doesn't include throwing them in the garbage. With citrus I love using those simple $2.00 juicer, with lemons it strains the pulp and holds the juice. Make sure you keep that delicious and beneficial juice.  Mix the pure lemon juice in with a pitcher of water. Or seal in a jar for later with your cooking or baking.

With the peels, cut them into slices and put them into a jar. No need to go out and buy a jar. Just save your pickle jars, salsa jars, you name it you can use, and reuse. Reuse and recycle, one step closer to bettering our earth. With the citrus slices put them in the jar, fill the jar with vinegar. The jar needs to marinate for about a week.  After a week pour the vinegar into a spray bottle. You have all natural cleaner. A cleaner that is safe to your children and a very effective cleaner for your home.

Wait we aren't done! Don't throw those peels away! Pour them into your garbage disposal. Not only have you made your own cleaner, you have sanitized and deodorized your kitchen with the smell of citrus and the sanitizing of vinegar. With one food you're done. You have made a safe kitchen cleaner, detoxifying water, and a disinfectant for your garbage disposal. Clean living starts with clean eating. With clean eating you are provided with so many options to have a clean living environment for your family. You have bettered your body and the environment it lives in.  Let's not forget the all to everything, the money you save. Clean living starts at home. What choice will you make?