Sunday, March 20, 2016

Coffee or Tea?

In an effort to live a healthier lifestyle, I've been trying to drink more tea. This, naturally, has been the biggest challenge during morning coffee time. 

I find I'm a creature of habit, as we most are. It occurs to me that perhaps the ritual of morning coffee is what I seek. That familiar tasty coffee bean twirling around my toungue. Delightful. 

So I set out to start a new morning ritual. After much thought and contemplation, I created a night stand tea station. Last night I set off for dreamland with a child like excitement about rousing in the morning to tea for me. I woke this morning to my morning tea dutifully waiting for me. It was perfect. 

Giving up coffee is one small step to living a healthier life. Hopefully one day I'll come to look forward to my morning tea. 

It came with one unexpexted perk. I moved my phone from my night stand to the desk to avoid catastrophe. As a result, I lounged a bit before hunting and pecking on my iPhone this morning.  Perhaps my next conquest?

Monday, March 7, 2016

73 & Sunny?

73 & Sunny?

Well folks, I'm happy to report Spring is on the way. It seems this Winter has been especially tough for many people, myself included. 

As this cold and snowy season comes to an end, a new chapter begins. Kids are riding their bikes and people are on the move again. I think back to a simpler time. When the weather held a much bigger stake in my game.  A rainy day could mean being stuck inside all day with nothing to do. I remember thinking "I wish this day could just be over."  

Now that I'm all grown up, being an enlightened Yogi and all, surely I've allowed the clutches of the weather to release her grip?  Not exactly. Truth is, I spent most of this winter with the thought "I wish it would just be over."  

So I'm deciding to start my day today remembering that one day it will be over. Sooner or later, that much is true. While I'm intrigued with where the next Where might be, I'm here now and intend to embrace the day.  So come rain, snow, sleet, or shine...I'm so thankful it's not over. 

Michelle Rae Sobi