Thursday, September 28, 2017

A little about Michelle...

Power Edge Yoga Makes Yoga Friendly And Accessible
By S. Mathur
Most yoga teachers believe in its healing power. Michelle Rae Sobi, Owner of Power Edge Yoga, has seen it in action in her own life, after she was in a serious accident. Doctors did not expect her to regain full mobility , but she proved them wrong. She began taking yoga classes and made a complete recovery, to the doctors’ amazement.
The other lesson Sobi learned from her experience is that yoga should be accessible. When she first began yoga, she found herself in an advanced class with all kinds of twists and postures that were impossible for her.
“During mediation, it occurred to me that if I knew more yoga I could practice at my own pace,” Sobi said. “This later would become the reason I opened my studio. I wanted to offer a friendlier type of yoga, something that would be accessible to students of all levels.”
The atmosphere at the studio is friendly, and that’s the most important thing, according to Sobi. “Hands down, the most common compliment I receive about our studio is the sense of community we offer. Students encourage one another to keep them accountable when they otherwise might skip. It’s a beautiful thing to witness.”
The yoga classes are affordable and the schedules are flexible to make it easier for students to keep up the practice. Classes include barre yoga, candlelight yoga, Hatha, restorative, Vinyasa and Yin yoga as well as flow-and-sculpt yoga. In addition to the classes, there are workshops based on Ayurveda principles, helping students to deepen their practice and to learn the philosophy of yoga.
An important workshop offered at Power Edge Yoga is the Transformation Living Workshop by Niko Ana Burkhardt.
“She specializes in EFT, the Emotional Freedom Technique also known as ‘tapping’,”Sobi said of Burhardt. “The premise for the practice it to free yourself of stress and anxiety through this method of tapping on the meridian points. It is a very old practice, and in my opinion, a very effective one.”
Workshops can be combined with the teacher training program, Edge Yoga School®. Like the classes, the teacher training program is affordable. This is part of Sobi’s effort to make yoga more accessible to all those who need it. Yoga saved her life, she says, and she hopes that it will be her legacy.
Students value the closeness offered by the smaller studio space, as well as the knowledge and skills of the teachers. Likewise, those who have taken the training course find that it gives them a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to share with their own students.