Thursday, September 28, 2017


Eat this not that, my journey of eating less cheese…
Okay folks, here’s the deal. I have always loved my cheese. Too rich? Nahhhh…cheese is tasty and delightful! So go on, give me that tasty saganaki, pizza, plus cannoli for dessert. You only live once, right?
Well. Needless to say the cheese started to catch up with me. While I eat fairly heathy overall, I definitely have my guilty pleasures. Cheese is one of them. So I set out to find replacements for my beloved cheese. First I tried mustard. I put mustard on everything in an effort to use less cheese. While this was by default a pretty good plan, mustard can get kinda old sorta quick. After a few spins around on various replacements, I found basil.
Basil and I have a nutritional love affair, to be sure. Basil on margarita pizza, what could be better? You can put basil on almost anything and perk that flavor right up. Slowly I started holding back on how much cheese I would use and add more basil. Not that dried crap you get at the grocery store, either. I’m talking real basil leaves harvested from my trusty basil plant. It is the only plant I’ve managed not to kill as I don’t exactly have a green thumb. I found mine at a local farm and it provides an endless supply of basil.
Over time, I started to find that cheese became more of a background flavor than the entree. Over the months, I found myself using less and less cheese until one day, I simply skipped it. Nowadays I rarely have cheese.
These kinds of habits, as illustrated by one of my favorite go to books “Eat This, Not That” is one way you can escort fattening foods out of your diet. This trusty book authored by by David Zinczenko with Matt Goulding is a dietary must have. If you like what you like, but seek replacements, give this book a try. Soon you’ll see you dietary habits, and your body begin to change. Meanwhile, hold the cheese!